Commercial construction

Universal Construction and Maintenance Pty Ltd


Fitouts to Defit, and All Building Maintenance Services

Universal Construction and Maintenance is the complete commercial construction company. We will not only help you with maintenance tasks, we’ll also help you build the building.

Office fitouts

Are you about to sign a lease for new office space? Do you manage commercial office space and need to fit out the area for the tenant? If you need a fitout for office space, we can help. We advise you from the beginning of the project, so you’re happy with the results at the end. To save you time, hassles and money, we can arrange and manage all aspects of the fitout, including managing all trades.

Our clients love us because we deliver on what we promise. We’re also flexible, so if your project needs to change, we can adjust.

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Building maintenance services

Do you need reliable contractors you can trust with your building maintenance? Are you looking for someone who will get the job done, regardless of the size? Would you like to deal with a company that can provide all trade services, all through a single point of contact? You’re at the right place. Universal Construction and Maintenance delivers exactly what you need in a building maintenance services contractor. Why not contact us now? You’ll find out how easy we are to work with.

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Defit / Deconstruction / Demolition

We don’t just do fitouts – at the end of your lease we can provide complete defit, or deconstruction, services. This ensures your office space is returned to the original condition if required under the terms of your lease agreement. We can also provide demolition services if required.

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Partition walls & suspended ceilings

There is a great variety of options available when setting up partition walls – fabric, glazed, insulated, aluminum, and more. The choices you make will determine the appearance, acoustics, maintenance requirements, and cost of your project. Why not get some friendly advice?

If you require suspended ceilings, we can handle that also. This includes any lighting and electrical work that may be required as part of the project.

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Shop fitting

Need a fit out in a retail setting? We can help you. Get a complete solution from Universal Construction and Maintenance.

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Commercial refurbishment

Perhaps your office or shop front needs a ‘facelift’, but a complete refit is more than is necessary. We can offer refurbishment services for your commercial space that will make a difference to your customers and staff. And we can help you get it done on time, in budget.

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